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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chase Log: Scooba, Mississippi


It has been a while since my last post. Life, as usual, has been getting pretty busy. Life was pretty interesting Friday as there was a severe weather threat for some southern states. Mississippi was included under a moderate risk of severe weather. After a short discussion of the weather situation in Weather Analysis II - and learning that the best helicity would be to our south in central Mississippi - graduate meteorology students Evan Thomas, Cecilia Reeves, and I contemplated a chase. We decided to catch the cell that impacted the Jackson, Miss. area and produced a tornado. We originally thought of heading to Macon, Miss via U.S. Hwy 45, but later realized that being further south near Scooba, Miss. would be our best bet. We kept an eye on the radar on our smart phones and adjusted our position periodically. When we slowly started edging our way back to the north, we saw a lowering to our northwest above the tress. Sure enough, it was a confirmed tornado just south of Scooba. For all of us, it was our first tornado experience. I still can't get over that find. I sobered up a little after seeing some of the damage on the way back to Starkville, including an SUV that appeared to have flipped multiple times.

Below are a few photos and a video of our chase adventure.





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