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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Severe Weather Update

The latest weather data is indicating not so fresh of a severe weather threat for Starkville. The dynamics don't seem to be building as much as it could have.

Currently, the line of thunderstorms is over southern Louisiana and extreme southwestern Mississippi. The line looked very potent a few hours ago, but it's not so impressive now. There are a few embedded cells that are spawning severe thunderstorm warnings, but again, not as impressive as it was earlier.

Dewpoints (colored) across the SE. (Via NOAA. Thanks to @Cuevman81 for sending this).

The 60F dewpoints that I mentioned on the earlier are still south of the Starkville area. I'm not seeing much of a indication of northward advancement. With the lack of good moisture and WAA, and no breaks in the clouds to destabilize things will keep the risk of severe weather north of I-20 minimal. I won't rule out a squall line with a somewhat decent punch, but it's looking less likely for severe weather here. The best chance of severe weather looks to be south of I-20 where most of the 60F+ dewpoints will be. However, there are no breaks showing up on the visible satellite imagery to give way to further destabilization.

More updates when needed...

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