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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forecast for Thursday 06.24.2009

The weather today was way better than it has been the last few days. The backdoor cold front that passed overnight has brought drier air aloft and sinking air to decrease our rain chances. NWS-JAX in their forecast discussion states that the upper trough that is near is is expected to drift south tonight. Also, an inversion at 700 mb will help keep any possible rain at bay. The water vapor loop continues to show dry air aloft and I don't see too much of a change until at least Friday. Models show the ridge that had a grip over the state with all that heat continuing to move west.

For tonight, mostly clear skies with a morning low near 69. That's right, the 60s. The moisture content doesn't seem to be so high (hence how I can come outside and do this forecast) and could allow for better cooling. The low cloud cover helps, too. For Thursday, partly cloudy skies with a very slim chance of a shower. Expect a high near 94. Like today, I don't expect it to be too humid like it was a few days ago.

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