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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Weather Update

I've been checked out for the last couple of days and, therefore, no forecasts. However, I have a few minutes to give a heads up on what's coming up.

For today, a front is dragged from Texas to northern Georgia to New England. This front is expected to move southward and (along with daytime heating and the seabreeze) bring a chance of rain to the Gainesville area. This morning's KJAX sounding data shows precipitable water amounts at 1.73 inches with an unstable atmosphere. Storm direction should be northerly

Currently on radar, there are showers and storms forming in Lafayette and Dixie counties (to our north and west of GNV) while lighter showers are spawning in central Putnam County near the St. Johns River.

Things will change a little starting tomorrow. A trough of low pressure is expected to move in from the Caribbean near Florida as the front gets closer. The trough will feed in moisture and will help raise rain chances and aid drought-stricken Florida, especially South Florida. Guidance model forecasts show the low in varying degrees, but the result points to good chances of rain for the state. This will last for at least the first half of the week.

For the rest of the day, expect partly cloudy skies with a 50/50 chance of showers and storms. The high should be around 86.

Five day QPFs from the HPC call for rainfall in Florida about 2-3 inches on average with some higher amounts (see below).

Unisys Weather
Expect the next few days to be umbrella weather.

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