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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Forecast for Thursday 05.21.2009


The above image you see is not a hoax. It is reality. The Doppler radar image from NWS-JAX shows the estimated amount of rain at locations across the area since 7:46 AM ET on Saturday, May 16. Where you see the pinks in parts of Flagler and Volusia counties indicates 12 or more inches of rain. Compare that to the Gainesville area where we've seen between an inch and 1.5 inches since Saturday.

Here's the (un)funny part: It's still not over yet.

Surface analysis at 8 p.m. ET continues shows the low in the eastern Gulf of Mexico due east of Naples and due south of Panama City. It's not hugging the coast northern Monroe County like it was last night. It's good news that it's moving, but not quick enough. Also, the upper-level cut off low persists over South Florida according to the latest NWS-JAX forecast discussion.

Bands of rain are still forecast to persist tonight and Thursday around the upper low and the converging flow from the Atlantic according to the discussion. Basically, the synopitc setup will not change very much Thursday. The same 'ol rain dance.

Tonight, periods of on and off rain with a morning low around 65. For Thursday, expect rain with slightly breezy conditions and a high of 77.

The rain might stick around Friday and Saturday, but things might change afterwards. Stay tuned for future forecasts.

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